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Larry's Tech Talk

He Missed The Tag!

I like to turn the news on when I wake up in the morning. Last week a story called “next gen 911” caught my attention. The news was really about taking advantage of the cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) that most of us carry around 24/7. Let’s take a look at some of the capabilities of today’s cell phone hardware.

Of course we make phone calls. We can take photos and even full motion videos. These devices store our contacts, phone numbers, email addresses, and music. If you don’t text, you’re missing out on a really convenient way to communicate. And if you’re not sure where you’re going, turn on the GPS feature. You can surf the internet, schedule your DVR to record a show, or even Skype live events taking place now. PDAs like the iPhone and the Droid have 1000s of apps available for download that turn our cell phones into digital “swiss army knives”. I know some people just want to talk on their phones (like Walt!), but these amazing hand-held devices have and will continue to change our lives.

OK Larry, so what is this “next gen 911” thing all about? Well, imagine if a 911 operator could actually see a photo or video or even watch live events taking place. So, if someone witnesses an emergency event, they could easily send a photo, or video to the 911 people seconds after or possibly even during an emergency situation. A doctor could see a patient before they arrived at the hospital. Police and EMS personnel could be informed visually while they were in route. And there would be a permanent record of the events.
Of course our 911 systems will need to be upgraded. But the source of the events doing the recording and transmitting will be the public’s cell phones. The networks are in place and people with cell phones are everywhere!

Or consider a non-emergency event. What if your little leaguer hits a fastball over the left fielder’s head? You didn’t bring you camera, but here he comes rounding third base. You get the PDA out of your pocket, hit the “record video” button. It’s going to be close at the plate! The umpire shouts...”YOU’RE OUT!” “Hey Ump! He missed the tag and I can prove it!”