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Larry's Tech Talk

OH NO! The Blockbuster store has CLOSED!!

OK, you invested in that awesome flat panel TV. You might even have surround sound creating a very nice audio and video experience. Your kids connect their Wii game to the system and the neighbors had a great time at the Super Bowl Party. The Daytona 500 never looked better. But, now it’s time to have that family movie night. OOPS, the local video store has closed. Now what??

If you’re a teenager, you already know this. But for the rest of us, getting almost any movie you want to watch has never been easier. All you need is an Internet connection and a very inexpensive online account with a movie service. Most newer model TVs (and other a/v components) have internet capability built-in. If your TV does not have this ability, don’t worry, there are other inexpensive ways to stream movies and watch them on your TV.

That means, NO disc to return, mail back, pay late fees or even rewind (remember tapes?) And you have the same control just as if a disc was in your DVD player (we will talk about Blu-Ray later). That means, if the phone rings, you can pause. Tired? Resume tomorrow. Missed that last scene? Slow rewind, just like a disc was in your DVD player.

Technology has made video distribution virtually effortless. You even don’t have to leave your home. Just select a movie from the on-screen guide, and instant movie delivered to your family room. You thought the internet was for e-mail? Duh! It was obviously invented so you wouldn’t have to leave the house to go to the Video Store!